August 01, 2007

Scottish Learning Festival heating up... now on Facebook

Slf_on_facebook The Scottish Learning Festival is arguably one of the best the best and free education events in the world, heavy on the quality seminars and with a fine selection of innovations on offer in the exhibition. You can now join in the fun on the SLF Facebook Group and keep abreast of what's going on.

The Facebook group will actually be a nice addition to a growing social media family of ways to keep in touch about the conference, as it happens, in real time. For the past two weeks the team at Learning and Teaching Scotland has been honing down the ideas, creating the platforms and trying out some truly innovative new ways of blogging - yes, that's right, new ways of blogging.

It means that even those who don't know one end of a blog from another will be able to take advantage of the huge amount of blogged, podcast, vlogged information that we and bloggers at the conference will be producing. Hopefully, we'll bring a few more into the inspiration and reflection of the edublogging world.

In the meantime, get yourself added to the SLF Facebook Group and prepare for some exciting times over the next couple of months.


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New ways of blogging, are you saving that for September or can we get a hint?

Is it as strange as Photocopier Podcasting

Oh dear. Not for the first time I feel that sort of panic that some kids must feel when you say brightly "Today we're going to revise division with remainders."

I have a facebook presence. I even have one friend there who's not even a teacher or a family member or particularly into ICT.

I am looking forward to going to the Scottish Learning Festival as I have to remember to call it now. But I'm going to put my hand up shyly and admit to not having a clue how to join the group.

I can see loads of people I know already there, but there's no helpful button that says "join this group." Maybe you have to be invited...and if I ask they might say no...Oooh it feels like being 8 in the new playground all over again.

Oh phew it's OK! That nice boy who knows everyone just invited me to join in, so all is good. Feel all warm now.

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