September 18, 2007

Google Docs Presentations: It ain't Keynote...

Google_docs_presentations ...but it does have a black gradient template.

If you go down to the woods today in your Google Docs account you'll notice that you can create a new document, a new spreadsheet and, yes, a new presentation. Collaborative presentation writing has been born.

It's great if you like using Microsoft Office tools, since it resembles PowerPoint pretty well. It's also got the distinct advantage of being a presentation tool on which you can collaborate with many other people, simultaneously or asynchronously. From this perspective, it makes school PowerPoint presentations something much more feasible, leaving F2F time for some more valuable types of learning to take place.

The disadvantages? Limited fonts on offer, no facility to embed video (just images) and no transitions to make your presentation flow. I guess it depends on who you're presenting to, what you're presenting and with whom you're presenting it.

But at least it's there. Another handy tool in the box. They've even put up a wee video to show how it might be used.


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leaving F2F time for some more valuable types of learning to take place.

I'm so delighted to see someone has actually got the point of elearning in schools - freeing the teacher up to do what adds most value; debate, mentor and inspire.

Hi Ewan
I know what you mean discovered it by accident when embedding a word document in my blog via google docs and then place a really crude powerpoint of the Apple Touch and Iphone I saw at the Scottish learning Festival and the fact they were selling the touch at the Apple store in Glasgow yesterday . checked later in the day and discovered the presentation creation facility simple clean and adequate if you want to share collaborate and rapid prototype a presentation across the web. BTW teachmeet07 In the Wild and the festival were all great !!!

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