September 16, 2007

They make it look so easy...

This week sees my first outing for sharing what I've been up to since July at BLC07. I'm bushed, stressed, desperate not to misrepresent people, ideas or facts in the presentations, yet terrified (slightly) that I'm going to do all three. Oh, and we're launching a new web service tomorrow. Tom Coates has just shared his four o'clock in the morning moment, too, and reassures me that, just perhaps, I'm not alone in my pre-preso-palpitations. It's well worth a read.

Mind you, his sleepless nights were for one (superb) talk. I tend to go through the same tiring regime but I've got over 30 in the next four months, covering just over 40,000 miles on three continents. And only two of them are prepared so far.

Jings. Better get back to work. Or maybe I could do some washing... or sell some old books... or change a nappy...

Photo credit of Tom Coates sleeping: TheGareth


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Go for the nappy. Keep things in proportion. ;-)

To much to hope that somewhere in that 40000 miles you'll end up in western Canada for a day or two?

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