October 25, 2007

CSI:NY in Second Life - transmedia storytelling

Second_life_csiCross-posted at Connected Live.
Digital storytelling. Pah! I'm telling David Jakes and Wes Fryer, it's all old hat ;-)

CBS last night kicked off their CSI:NY crime show (on Channel 5 in the UK) in Second Life. Second Lifers can solve the cliffhanger to the television series that would otherwise not be played out until a show in February. By throwing players online the mystery can be resolved - by them - far quicker.

This is what Henry Jenkins calls a "transmedia" experience, and judging by the number of people who were in-world at the CSI:NY location this morning/last night it's a huge success. You start off with the television series on the box, and then you can view video clues using the new in-world video viewer, see blog entries, do virtual lab experiments and talk with others trying to get to the bottom of the murder. You might even work out who dunnit.

It's a bit of an ARG, really, playing out on television, in Second Life and through blogs, videos and podcasts. If only there were mobile text messages being sent when you got stuck - that's what always happens in the TV show, isn't it? In a rather spooky yet compelling way, this is also why you're in Second Life in the first place: on the trail of a stalker cum murderer who trailed his victim into Second Life to kill her. First life, Second Life... all this transmedia stuff is getting a bit heavy.

Just take a look at the trailer for the show and jump into an amazing NYC set and fascinating interactive plot line. If you want to find out more behind this then Henry Jenkins' interview with the CSI:NY Second Life creator is brilliant.


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CSI: NY is one of my favorites, which I DVR. So didn't see this...yet. Wow. This is wild. I want to play.

I went there - felt my angel wings were a tad conspic, so removed them pronto. But as I don't tend to watch CSINY I'm a bit lost - better on Spooks!

There's a lot of this about at the moment - another one is the 'Ia am legion' film with Will smith that also exists as a game in Second Life - I suppose that Second Life is an attractive platform as it's cheaper and easier to build a game using this existing platform than create one from scratch. You've also got an existing user base, and guaranteed publicity (so long as SL is still news)

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