October 03, 2007

Harnessing technology in an ever-changing world

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The jetlag kicking in, 1200 of New Zealand's (and possibly the world's) best educators sitting in front of me, and with the opening keynote following the New Zealand Education Minister, things seem to have gone quite well considering.

The ULearn guys are going to upload the video from this morning's keynote along with some slides later on, so I don't want to pre-empt them with tonnes of links and notes.

There was nothing in the talk that regular readers of edu.blogs.com haven't seen, although it was sewn together in a different way for an audience whose education system is moving at the same pace and moment in time as Scotland's. Interesting times ahead for us all in a world where higher speed internet and mobile learning are already beginning to happen.

If this is your first time chez moi then you might find the following 'key posts' provide the main points and more from this morning:


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Ewan I was one of those 1200 educators today and I just want to say thanks for and inspiring and informative keynote presentation. I came away with so much to think about. I think I shall be a regular reader of you blog from now on. Welcome to NZ.

I am only slightly green. OK, hudely green with envy.
Being in New Zealand when they (probably) win the World Cup. What an experience

Great keynote Ewan, I too was one spec in your audience... people were buzzing about your talk all yesterday, I even had educators from Australia and then America skype in to listen to you during it all! (but apparently they found your accent a little hard to get used to, lol!)
Hope you enjoy the rest of the conference.

Great keynote at Ulearn07 Ewan.I especially loved your comment about digital natives.
Your comments about thin slicing, audience and authentic purpose also hit home. Web 2.0 has such amazing potential to empower students as knowledge producers and to value their work.
Very inspiring thanks.

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