November 22, 2007

Asus EeePC: take a peek inside...

Over at Connected Live we've posted a video of our tour around the magic Asus EeePC, which I talked about on Monday. Go over and have a peek at what might be in store in a school near you (think social media, ultra portable, wifi-enabled and open source technology...)


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Very impressive!

A month ago I bought this Asus EeePC. Really cool thing! :) ASUS Rocks!!!

A month ago I bought this Asus EeePC. Really cool thing! :) ASUS Rocks!!!

Trying hard to get a class set to trial in school. They seem to be just what is required for easy access to web based tools and a whole different way of working in the classroom. Its not easy when no one understands the potential of this stuff and curriculum meetings are still forums for discussing the advantages of school uniform/no school uniform, streaming or banding....aaaaaargh

man o' man I want an Asus Eee PC

A little warning is gathering momentum in regard to the Asus eeePC, which seems to be indicating that the manufacturers might have broken some laws relating to (i) unenforceable warranty terms; (ii) software licence breaches; and (iii) problems with drivers which prevent owners from fully using all of the hardware (i.e. wireless networking). Details here and here.

It may be that (as these issues relate to problems with the GPL) buyers might want to wait until the Windows Version is available.

It does seem, though, that you can get Windwos to work from an external memory drive anyway. Maybe it mitigates some of these negative reports.

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