November 26, 2007

Edublog Awards Nominated

I don't normally go in for competitions, so it's rather nice to be nominated for 'Best Individual Blog' at the Edublog Awards. Better still, is to see that there are two nominations from Scotland, the other for Don Ledingham, the Head of Education in East Lothian with whom I have had the pleasure of working for the past year or two. Not bad for a global competition where, I guess, large audiences help secure nominations and votes.

So, if you enjoy a flick through or Don's blog then please do and cast your vote. Ooh, I hear a song coming on...


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Unfortunately some links to the individual blogs over at the competition are wrong: I've let them know through the feedback form.
Don's Learning Log is at:, not the address given.

This cloud may have a silver lining for you, though, as another 2 of the links for the individual blogs point to some geezer's blog at ;-)

Voted already! ;-)

I am chuffed that our podcast is nominated in best educational use of audio.

Congrats on the nomination, Ewan. :)

Just a wee question - I was at your presentation at the SALT conference back at the beginning of the month and I was wondering where to find your presentation online?

Thanks for the song - you have my vote

Thanks for all your kind words so far.

Debbie: you'll see the notes on gaming for language here:

Great news for you and Don and typically Scottish with your video clip! Celebrate your success!

Congratulations Ewan. Just to keep Lynne happy and to balance out the video clip I thought I might quote a good Scottish toast!!

Here's tae us. Wha's like us? Damn few - and their aw deed!!

Alright I'll vote for you if you vote for my Voices Of The World... So that makes another Scots on the voting page.

Congratulations Ewan. And I enjoyed the song too!

Well done Ewan - you deserve more than one award! Given you a plug on my blog
- not sure who reads it but it might get you a few votes ;0)

Congrats! Happy to see your blog there!Long overdue nomination!

Congrats! Happy to see your blog there!Long overdue nomination!

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