November 20, 2007

Lingro - turns any webpage into an interactive language learning tool

Lingro Lingro takes any webpage and then allows you to click on any word in that page to get its translation back into English, Spanish, French, Polish, German or Italian.

It's the free, real-world, webpage equivalent of the interactive texts CD-Roms that we used to find handy when I was a pupil at school, but it's got a far more interactive interface that allows you some real flexibility:

  • Zip between languages in a click;
  • Listen to the pronunciation of every word;
  • Multiple definitions, and examples in use;
  • Where a word does not exist, the social media kicks in: you suggest a translation;
  • It keeps a record of all the words you've had to look up in your wordlist, so that you can go off and learn them yourself.

Thanks to my friend and colleague Alan Coady, of musical blog and Connected Live fame, for emailing over a superb little tip. This is just brilliant!


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What, no Welsh?

What, no Welsh?

What a brilliant idea! But, to echo the previous commenter... what, no Mandarin?

Ewan, thanks for the great tool.
I hope, it will help me, learning French.

Sounds wonderful, but blocked all round - will need to look at it at home so I can argue the case for it to be unblocked.

utterly brilliant from what i can see, and better still that it translates even parts of verbs, which can only be a godsend for most of my students!

Thanks for this tip, Ewan. I like the option for hearing how a word is pronounced. Numerous other potential uses for this tool. Thanks for the post! --Paul

Russian and Arabic please!

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