November 27, 2007

The Wii Fit

Explore exciting new exercises like "Sliding side-to-side" and don't miss "Sticking out your leg"... I think (hope) this is a parody ;-) Via Tim.


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Great Video i guess yes it is a parody.

No - this is the real thing. It is meant to be a mix of gentle excercise and more fun games in the mode of Dr Kawashima's Brain Training only this time it is phsyical fitness.

Nintendo previewed it last summer.

Great stuff!

Can Derek at the Consolarium get some?!

I'm sure they'll be available direct from the makers -!

very well made...

Hilarious. "Then stick out the other leg."

Taking kids out of the back yard and back in front of the television where they belong. :P

Can't wait for to release the Wii Fit! :)


Although the parody is very amusing, Wii Fit does look great! I wonder what sort of price you'd be looking at for the game and the balance pad?

I think my favourite from the sarcastic gamers is the Microsoft Surface Parody:


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