December 30, 2007

2007's Top Five Photos in Review

Dean has set me one of the toughest end-of-year-navel-gazing-but-jolly-good-fun tasks: my favourite five photos. I could spend a long time on this, so I've also used Flickr's interestingess and stats, too, along with my personal prefs to find the five ones that mean the most:

Firefoxscreensnapz016The most beautiful baby on the planet, my number one choice for a photo (though not taken by me). Amongst the memorable times, her first aeroplane trip to New Zealand - 26,000 miles at six weeks.


One of my cheeky shots at BLC07 this year of Will, it's indicative of the thrill and fun I had meeting old friends and meeting old online friends for the first time. Our evening on the ship, with raucous laughter and far too much of Christian Long's favourite brandy, made all this blogging stuff worthwhile! [more pics]


This was a pivotal moment for me: the people (and beer) that made me decide to go self-employed. Steve Moore, left, is one person to whom I am eternally grateful, for his confidence-boosting and considerable recommendations that have led to many an interesting rencontre. Euan Semple helped me work out how much ($) and how much (:-) I was worth. This scene is from Reboot in Copenhagen, a conference/unconference based around the theme of Human?, at which I talked without meaning to, and had confirmation from those outside education that education was doing lots of things right. [more pics]


The stats say you love this one: the kilos of kit required to keep online conferences on the road (and this RSS/Flickr/unconference junkie in one piece). I've since upped my insurance cover... This particular bunch of kit was for something else I loved, but didn't have enough photos for: TeachMeet.


Mike Coulter decided at the beginning of 2007 that anyone interested in social media in Edinburgh needed a place to wax lyrical: Edinburgh Coffee Morning was born. The off-white tables at Centotre have been the stage for many a discovery, a talk-through, an idea-bounce, a new friendship. Thanks to Mike for starting it all, and all the lads and lasses who've made it along on those early morns this year. [more pics]


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Great photos. They're all good and meaningful. The best and most important is the first. Your not the photographer, but you will always be a dad!

Hope you enjoyed your first Christmas as a father. It's different isn't it.


Loving the photos mate. Especially of your gorgeous wee girl.

Well, Happy Hogmany to you and yours form thsi side of the globe. Wishing you all the best for 2008.


This is a great way to tell the story of a year Ewan, and reflect on what's been good and important.

The Centrotre meet-ups have been a highlight for me too - just sorry I haven't seen you for a while (and missed the session with video blogging, cake and fizz!) Hope to catch up with you again before too long in 2008

The picture of the most beautiful baby on the planet is priceless - I loved an earlier one of you holding her as you typed at a laptop too... Thanks for sharing your journey through the wonder of parenthood with us.

A happy new year when it comes


Wow, so much kits needed? Your kits already occupied more than half of your travelling bag, I guess :)

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