December 30, 2007

2007's Travel in Review

Gcmap On the cue of Euan and Roo, and after feeling that I was traveling a lot more this year than last, I find out from The Great Circle that I've only done about 6000 miles more in 2007 than 2006 (about Boston and back). 

How so?

  • Less travel in Scotland, as I concentrated on only one Local Authority as part of the eduBuzz project instead of 32 authorities while working full time on the MFLE in 2006
  • I made a huge effort to combine as many gigs into each bout of travel as I could.

This year, for the sake of the planet we're leaving Catriona and the purses of those employing me, I'll be trying to combine even more trips and trying to convince people that it's more worthwhile hiring my time over the longer term than getting me to come and wow people for just one day. Check out my forthcoming talks or Dopplr calendar if you would like me to drop in while I'm in your neighbourhood/country/continent this coming year.

PS: I should point out that the public purse pays for less than 2% of these miles traveled.
PPS: I don't drive, so this really is nearly all the travel I've done.


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I think we all should take as inspiration the story of Frankie Manning. The coolest 93 year old on the planet (in my humble opinion). His itinery grows every year despite his age. Why? He still has so much to teach us all and a huge enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and unconditional love.

Keep on sharing

Sorry forgot to post his website

and 2008 schedule

Living proof that Kinesthetic learning keeps you young!

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