December 16, 2007

Fun, quick, safe, personalisable search

Quintura_blog_search Kids' search
On Monday, Quintura will relaunch their safe search for kids with a Christmassy feel, but readers can take a look and get your kids surfing straightaway. I really like the visual approach to searching for images, movies, tv or gaming sites, and, of course, Quintura's beautifully slick visual search makes it easy to find stuff you never knew you wanted.

Personalisable blog search
Last month Yakov and the Quintura team won the first place in to the Top 100 alternatives to Google, and I can see why. They've been working with me on some impressive personalised blog search, too, which you can try out if you want to search the anals annals of Let me (and them) know what you think. Is it returning useful stuff, or making you discover things you didn't know you wanted to know?


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Ewan, please check - by clicking Embed it! on Quintura Kids, you can get code and embed it to your blog.

An interesting idea. I think I like it. My only question is that it is not clear how you have personalised it to search only your archives. I can see how you can save and share the results of a search but don't see how you restrict it to only looking at one site. Am I missing anything obvious?

This is, at the moment, an thing, but it will be made available soon.

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