December 06, 2007

The Facebook Generation and the Bebo Boomers

Take part in this batch of presentations about 3D worlds and understanding the Facebook generation over the next hour by leaving a comment here or Twittering me. You can also leave a comment afterwards for the panel and we will respond.


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Um ... what would you define as the Facebook generation? Anyone who used it habitually? Facebook especially isn't confined to the young, though it does provide for some interesting interaction between generations.

How can businesses make an impact in 3D worlds like Second Life, when the most populated areas specifically block advertising (in some cases making complaints against the advertiser or removing the advertiser from the island or land)

Kind regards,

Mark Murray.

How about privacy?? do u think 3d worlds offer more privacy ?? also in regard to facebook with recent beacon story, can you see more user shift away from facebook with privacy issues favouring 3d worlds???

Hi Mark

I think there are ways for businesses to make a difference that don't rely on straightforward advertising. Look at Aloft ( which created a virtual hotel to get user feedback about a new product, and Pontiac ( which opened up some space for people to build their own "car culture" projects. The best way to make an impact would seem to be to give people something they want, something that's of value. No different to the web, really.

Stephen: privacy is really important, and people ignore it at their peril. Three's some interesting work going in incorporating Open ID into virtual worlds, which I'm very excited about.

Fantastic presentations all round but your's particularly impactful Ewan giving a new slant on discussions had over last 3 days.

Listening to you and hearing your area of expertise I thought you might be interested to see this as well:

Facebook makes life easier!


Shame I was at another seminar in Glasgow while this was going on.

I would be very interested in the demographics of second life and facebook users. It seems to me that a lot of digital immigrantsm, to coin a phrase, are talking about facebook and second life and that the natives aren't actually interested in second life because it's a bit of a throw back to the movies and ideas of older generations like tron or similar films so it just doesn;t connect in the same way that world of warcraft does. And facebook does make things easier but its in my view very restrictive in terms of creativity. Especially for kids who have grown up playing about with myspace code to get stars falling down their profile or glitter text on their comments.

ps. I have a facebook and prefer it to Bebo but my favourite has to be MySpace

Fantastic sessions today. Got me thinking about the need of people to share what they create, our need to create and what is going on when we play games.

Great presentations today - particularly enjoyed the cup stacking clips :)
My company already has an ever expanding group on facebook - looking forward to taking the leap of venturing into 2nd life soon...!
Inspirational talks today though so thank you - however i do need to re think that i thought of myself as a digital native at 30 having grown up with ZX Spectrums and the likes but maybe I am more of a digital backpacker!

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