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May 03, 2007

1000 posts down and time for a change

For some time I've been wanting to change what Mike described as a "rather funereal" design and two things came together today that allowed me to do it.

The first, which also led to my discoveries on MyMaps and GoogleEarth this morning, is being sick. It's great. I might not be able to speak, I might be coughing up lurgae not seen since that episode of Star Trek with the jellyfish-like flying-death-thingymajigs, but I've had time to get some interesting things done. Like trying a redesign.

Previewscreensnapz001 The second unexpected thing I noticed about today was that I wrote my 1000th post on edu.blogs.com. And there are some 2124 comments left by y'all. Considering some of the nonsense that peppers the alright stuff on the blog that's quite good for me. It also reminded me how unimportant Trackbacks (or Pingbacks) have been to me in order to see who's linking in thanks to the relative wonder of keeping a watchlist on Technorati.

I hope you like the redesign. Heck, it might even make you come and check me out from your feedreader now and then. Suggestions welcome, but no guarantee I'll be ill and have enough time again until the 2000th post.

Update: You might have to reload the page or empty your cache to see the new design. Or wait until your cache renews itself within the next month. I guess it depends how keen you are to see it all here and now ;-)


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