January 02, 2008

Animoto now downloadable

After letting edubloggers know about Animoto way back in August last year, I'm delighted to reveal that you can now download your Animotos to your hard drive, ready for use on iPods or on memory sticks.

This is great news for those looking for ways around over-zealous network administrators who currently filter the site, although little use, still, for those wanting to create them from behind the firewall. Small steps, small steps, and great to see how agile Animoto Productions are being in responding to blogged and emailed requests like this...

PS: Allanah is quick to point out you need to part with some cash to do this, but is it something departments might feel is worthwhile?


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Its only the full length paid for videos you can download, not the free 30s versions.

You can download both types of film if you have Real Player 11. The clips are FLV files which you can convert to other formats by using Zamzar.

See link for more information:

I got this info in my feed reader today, too. Thanks to those of you who already checked out the details for me. I routinely use the free vids in my classroom activities and occasionally kids want to pay the fee for the longer ones.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to download Voki's and Gizmos?

I also use Zamzar, but I had to beg, plead, wheedle, and cajole my webmaster in the District to allow it to be unblocked at work. She's a gem! Mostly I do all my converting at home because of similar restrictions on YouTube, TeacherTube, etc. Anyone else have that experience?

That was a clever thing you did with my tweet!




Although you can't download a Voki, you can make a screencast of one with software such as Camtasia. Version 3 is now available for free.

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