January 22, 2008

Soon to get LIFT-ed up

Twice a year I get a real treat to head off and think about what we're doing with technology, for three days with like-minded people in a beautiful ornate echo chamber. From February 6th I'll be participating and (hopefully) speaking at LIFT, in Geneva, thinking about how social media in particular can effect some real positive change in education, business and Government.

Some of the conference will be podcast on the TED Conference podcast later this year, but I will be speed-typing and speed-reflecting as I go along, so stay tuned. Once the talks, workshops and discussions have been voted in by the participants next week I'll post what I'm off to see (you can also try to bend my arm if you wish, and I'll head over to a session on your virtual behalf).

If you're coming along, then please vote if you think my open stage talk on opening education or the discussion on the forthcoming I4SM would be of interest to you.

In the meantime, think about what you might enjoy by visiting the proposals pages and let me know what I should head along to. You might also like to get an insight into the event with this natty little vid:


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You're probably already going but here's my pick:


Interesting that you are going here as I just looked through all of their stuff posted online following a link from the DLD conference that just wound up in Munich. It all looks good.

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