February 07, 2008

Social media for open education

I'm going to step up momentarily to give my tuppence worth on what LIFT-ers can do in their own communities to help education become better (simplistic, perhaps, but a distinct and worthwhile opportunity for us all). It's a give minute rant based on some of the Bebo Boomer work that I've blogged and already got up on Slideshare.

Many educators are already getting their education systems to become more open. Let me know here if you plan to take up the challenge of getting your local school(s) more connected in order to harness the expertise of the teachers - and students - inside those school silos.


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I am having a meeting at the end of the month with teachers in the district and will be talking about using more technology in the classroom. I even made my first wikispace http://loonyhiker.wikispaces.com/ and I am writing about using technology in the classroom in my blog tomorrow.

Excellent. I caught a similar keynote at the Derbyshire ICT teachers conference in Nov last year. As a result I am using blogs in my persuasive writing unit this week and next to punch home the power of audience.

Ta Ewan

Really interesting presentation Ewan.

I'd love to get hold of the cup stacking videos and the adapted katie melua track in particular - great link with assessment.


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