March 06, 2008

eduBuzz - 176th most popular wiki in the world

Edubuzzlogobanneroffset_copy The guys from Wikio got in touch today having seen, the training and support wiki we created for teachers and learners in East Lothian Council in 2006, become the 176th most popular 'business' wiki in the world.

The wiki sums up a lot of the ethos of eduBuzz and the East Lothian Teaching and Learning Policy: openness, collaboration and the inclusion of all in the decision-making process. One of its highlights was the co-creation of safe-use guidelines for social media in the classroom by teachers, parents, students and managers over a two week period back in 2006.

eduBuzz isn't just the wiki, but a collaborative online space of over 1300 well over 1400 blog users and countless readers (1.3m page views per month) based on WPMU (see David's comment below about the problems of knowing the real, higher number of participants). While the online project was greatly enhanced by LTS funding some time and effort in an initial year-long period, this is a just another sign that the project goes from strength to strength in a sustainable fashion. Real community-building built on realworld tools.


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Great news Ewan! What a list! Some interesting wikis..... Thought you might find this one amusing :)

I might just have to head out for a meal to celebrate tonight!


Genius. Well done

Keep up, Ewan! We've over 1400 users: 1490 user logins now, for just under 1000 blogs. And as many of the logins are shared, such as with pupil "Author" logins for primary class blogs, the number of real people who have contributed to the eduBuzz community community is even higher.

Congratulations Ewan, this is Miles from Wikio! Make sure to check in with our rankings from time to time and see if eduBuzz has climbed even higher!

You can access the Business rankings here:

I've been involved with many attempts to develop online communities of teachers and students, and Exc-el/EduBuzz is the only centrally initiated one that has worked, so we have clearly done something right!

BTW, can we drop the 5000% growth per year statistic? It would mean that we only had 20 blogs a year ago (not true), that we will have 50,000 blogs in a years time and that we will have 125 million blogs in 3 years time (unlikely). Perhaps there was some period of time over which the 5000% growth did happen, but not now.

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