March 06, 2008

Mobile blogging as reportage - funniest example ever

You might only hear the irony if you're a Scottish football fan, but this example of mobile blogging minute-by-minute match reporting in The Guardian shows what creativity (and cheek) is possible with only a few hundred characters to play with. I reckon the reporter was a Rangers supporter. Thanks to me cousin Dougie for the tip.


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Well, we were off to a flyer straight away with "the usual fiasco begins at 7.45pm"!

To put a more Web 2.0 (god I hate that term), personal media approach on this, I thought that (the dropping of that final vowel is necessary to obtain venture capital, I understand) sounded like a good idea. The notion of turning off Archie McPherson and listening to your mates rant and rave about trials and tribulations of Scottish football has a certain, if possibly short-lived, appeal.

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