March 20, 2008

TeachMeet09, premature diarying

TeachMeet and I were in Tuesday's Guardian, which I managed to miss until I spotted this post on the Ode blog. Indeed, Emap and I have started planning TeachMeet09 (or unplanning it?) so that we entice more newbies and more teaching teachers to share their seven minutes of cool stuff at BETT in 2009.

It'll also help secure more sponsorship from a wider range of companies, and get it closer to the micro-sponsorship I've been trying to secure for the past two years, instead of large one-offs from companies (much appreciated, but rather unfair expectations from us of them, I feel).

Don't worry about the wording in the article. TeachMeet is not the property of Emap, it's the property of the people who make it happen - you. Thing is, they came to the table knowing just this and are excited by their changing role in this unconference-y world. What's more, they provide great support for the event which, I hope, will inform more of the actual BETT conference itself.


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make it Thursday next year ;-)

It's likely to be Friday again - does this pose huge problems?

Hi Ewan,
I hope the Scots teachmeets are not going to lose traction? TeachMeetSLF needs your unplanning!

Don't worry - we've been working on that since December ;-)

Just to reiterate that TeachMeet'08 was, by far, the best thing about BETT this year. Thanks Ewan for organising it.
I look forward to TeachMeet'09... on a Friday ;)

ok, perhaps " of the best things...". Excuse my Spanish tendency to exaggerate.

Hey Ewan,
How does it feel to be a "young web 2.0 wizard" then? ;-)

I should maybe think about getting a new wand... ;-)

Sure if we can get these tools right and empower teachers and learners won't we all be wizards from here on in?
Was thinking should def run a TeachMeet in Boston Ewan I suggest the Wed eve when we've both got our keynotes out of the way

Sounds good to me, but I know Alan organises stuff. I'll pick it up with him.

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