March 27, 2008

The blogging teacher... in Afghanistan

Sometimes it's hard for educators to see why anyone would be interested in what they are doing, how they are teaching and what their philosophy behind learning is. For Paul Park, a Saskatchewan teacher sent to Afghanistan with the Canadian forces, blogging for his students and family must seem an obvious thing to do.

This blog provides not only interesting reportage for any student wanting to better understand what's at stake in this war-ridden country, but the fact that Paul is on top of the comments young people and teachers are leaving means that we have an enviable reach into a conflict that, until now, we've experienced through spoonfed mainstream news:

I’m ten and a half hours ahead of, and on the other side of the world from, home.  That night and this post will mark an ongoing project to connect me, an English teacher from the prairies who finds himself in Afghanistan as part of Task Force 1-08, and the students of Prairie South School Division.  Stay tuned.


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