March 11, 2008

Who's going to be the 4000th subscriber?

//Beginning of selfless publicity

I'm amazed that people still want to subscribe to this blog, especially since most of the time it's linking out to superb educators with subscribable blogs of their own and, if not, is often presenting my half-baked musings as I sound out ideas that may make it, one day, onto a conference presentation or report for the boss.

One question: who's going to be the 4000th subscriber to We're only 10 people away from that, 10 more people who choose to get each post from the blog and, as an added extra, all my online bookmark goodness in a daily summary.

You're not allowed to unsubscribe first and then come back on - that would kind of defeat the game. However, if you use Feedblitz email to subscribe there's a chance that I will see who you are if and when you are the 4000th person. In return, I'll send Mr or Mrs 4000 a copy of Jennifer Fox's latest book, Your Child's Strengths. I'll be honest, I've not yet read it and it could be the biggest load of tosh out this year, but she sent me three copies for some reason known only to her. For the sake of the environment, I'd be better trying to get them read than chucking them.

//End of selfless publicity.


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Ewan, I have a feeling everyone will be waiting for that figure to inch up before they subscribe so that they can improve their chances of getting their hands on that carrot :-) so I'm helping the cause for that mystery Mr. or Ms. 4000 - very selflessly, I might add. I guess I'm #3991, but I'm ok with that, I guess.


"Your child's strengths"? Did you watch gmtv amomgst others last week with the under two year old reading loads of words even sentences? Something for Catriona to strive for!!


Well, there's also plenty of research showing it's potentially harmful in the longer term to push children under 6 or 7 into reading and writing. I'll be reading every day, as I do now, but won't be too concerned if she's not grabbing the Proust at 2 ;-)

I'm just intrigued that you've managed to lose subscribers since posting this!

According to your image, there were 3990 subscribers, but according to your feedburner stats there are currently 3987. What did you say to upset those three people?

PS loved the presentation at web tech. scotland.

I *Know* Jack. I've never understood that ;-) Numbers who subscribe regularly fluctuates, as people read or don't read their feeds. 3990 is about as regular as it gets this week.

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