April 18, 2008

Animoto for education - full features for free

"This week I have been mostly..." making Animoto videos with Indian teachers, like the dodgy example above. (The quote is rather obscure for anyone but my British readers; sorry). It's zero level skill entry, great for getting something out there in a few minutes, with the potential to download the content, change the film and add actual original footage... it's full of potential for every age and stage. And it was edu.blogs.com that brought you it first.

Having been asked so many times this week how one gets full-length videos, only to give the whithered reply: "you pay", I've been cheered up by a comment from Animoto's Rebecca tonight, that the app will now offer free codes to teachers and their students to have the full features of paid-for Animoto, in school and at home. Details on their educator site.

The timing couldn't be better, something on which to end on a high note tomorrow morning, after a superb week in the most frenetic, exciting, exhilarating city I've ever visited.


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Like it Ewan will explore soon.

I just got word from Animoto that they are creating "Animoto for Education." http://biz.animoto.com/education/overview.html

Thanks for the information. My students have loved using Animoto this year for vocabulary review. Being able to create longer videos will be excellent!

Thanks for the information. My students have loved using Animoto this year for vocabulary review. Being able to create longer videos will be excellent!

I have used this in the Voices of the world at http://votw.wikispaces.com/ project. Good to know that we can get more for free. I am also getting very fond of Photostory 3 for doing similar things.

Yes, Ewan McIntosh, you were the first to bring it to us, also to me. And as an absolute beginner in IT, I made my first ANIMOTO in August 2007, linking to you: http://janien.wordpress.com/2007/08/23/the-sausage-machines-bakery-at-work-and-other-fotd-favourites-of-the-day/

Thankx. I'll try them out, the new features ...

A fan from Belgium, Flanders, Antwerp

Wow! what a great tool to use in the classroom. In about 30 minutes I had made two Animoto videos and they look great! Thanks for bringing it to us.

Hi Ewan,

It's Rebecca Brooks again, from Animoto. I just wanted to let you know that we today launched a new & improved, revamped education site. Be sure to check it out:


Take care,

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