April 11, 2008

Language World 2008: Thinking out of the (X)box

I've been down in Oxford University today at Language World sharing some of the principles that help us get students more engaged in writing, speaking and working together in a foreign language, using computer games as a stimulus for creative reading, writing and, ultimately, speaking.

It's been based on the work I've already done in the area (the "Thinking Out Of The (X)Box" post is freshly updated), from the study of fairy tales for my MA (the best option by far at the time!), getting students new to French to come up with their own authentic fairy tales, having read some Petit Chaperon Rouge from Perrault, and finally using some of their medium, computer games, to enhance the experience. It's been even more enticing, I hope, with some updates courtesy of m'colleague Derek whose Nintendogs projects could provide some nice fodder for foreign language and enterprise work.


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Thanks SO MUCH, Ewan, for taking part in the conference.. I know how busy you are, and really appreciate the fact that you accepted an invitation, even though it was not an 'unconference' ...!!! As usual, your session was really popular and inspirational ... people really buzzing about it afterwards. Sorry I couldn't actually experience it, but I was at your London Language Show talk .. so far, I have subscribed to a French game site and some French podcasts on adventure games! Helen.

Hi Ewan
Great to see you again in Oxford. Once more a very thought provoking, innovative and exciting things to think about. Isaac is pleased too as he is awaiting the arrival of MystIII and Nintendogs (they're for me but I said that about the DS!) and is having fun being my research assistant as we discover the world of Samorost - which, great excitement, is not blocked at school :o)

You seem to be having an exciting time in India- hopefully bump into you again soon xx

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