April 11, 2008

No joy for sex education

This has to be my favourite headline in today's Times Educational Supplement Scotland. Second only to the best headline ever.


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What about the one in the New York post concerning Ike Turner...

Reminds me of when I was teaching and the annual in-service catalogue came round. Each year there was a course called "Sex and the single teacher school"

On a more serious note, I think this is a major problem, particularly the stuff about not subscribing to the 'dominant moral code' at RC schools. For me anyway, this is one of so many reasons to scrap state-sponsored denominational schools. I wrote an article in TESS two years ago about this sort of thing,coming to the same conclusions as the research study...


...and to be fair this is not a great unknown. When is someone going to act though. As a biology teacher, I do what I can although I have to be careful.

Ah, I love that headline about Caley. :-) It's always fun when either half of the Old Firm get thumped. Heehee!

Okay. I see your Old Firm headline and raise you a 'Romanian Man Rears Lion Until Neighbours Complain': http://www.blather.net/zeitgeist/archives/2008/04/romanian_man_rears_lion_in_gar.html

Best headline. EVER.

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