April 21, 2008

Scottish Learning Festival 2008 - free booking open

If you like what you hear on this blog, you'll probably be in learning heaven at the Scottish Learning Festival, a free two-day event hosted by us, Learning and Teaching Scotland, at Glasgow's monumental SECC at the end of September. From today, you can book your free place (thanks to them) and choose your seminars.

I'll be offering two seminars, one on each day, and would love to see you there. The first is looking at digital images and computer games as a source of inspiration and motivation for creative writing and speaking, a stimulus for international projects, such as eTwinning or UKIERI programmes. The second is designed to give all teachers, from newbies to information-overloaded net aficionados, mechanisms to develop effective personal professional development networks.

There are tonnes of other seminars on every aspect of education, from gaming to formative assessment, Web 2.0 to curriculum 101. I'll also be hosting some inspiring stories in the Discovery Hour in the main exhibition hall, lunchtimes each day. Don't forget your free invite to the most compelling CPD of the year, at TeachMeet08 @ SLF. Start booking your seminars up by adding them to your basket on the SLF2008 site.


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Dear Ewan,

what a treat. It almost feels like a free journey to "learning land"! :-)

Just one question: is the invite open literally to everyone, or is it only for UK based educators?

Maybe I'm being a bit slow this Monday morning, but as far as I can see there's no visible link to the program on the site yet.

If you know it's there, you can use Search to look for 2008, and you'll get there through the back door, or serach by date and keyword here:

This is free to all, wherever you come from. Even if you're coming from the States or Canada, it ends up cheaper than a lot of conferences at home, since the main event and all seminars and sideshows are free of charge.

That is just FABULOUS!
I have just started to spread the word. ;-)
I am afraid I can see the program either, or the "How to book" link. I must be going blind here.
Or it might be it's just because it's Monday!

I've been reassured that the info will be there later this morning.

Your almost making me regret not going this year

What do you mean you're not going?! It'll not be the szme without you at TeachMeet (someone needs to be there who never gets a chance to speak ;-)

A real shame. Hope we might bend your arm.

I wish I could join this promising venture!
But being from the other end of the world --Argentina-- my chances are less than slim...:-(
Thank you for the invite, if I won the lottery this would be my first treat!!

Even from Scotland, it seems an impossible dream. I have been every year since the launch of Masterclass and Teachmeet 07 was great. But funding seems to be a big problem this year. Very disappointing as I have had a lot of inspiration through my visits to the SLF.

To help spread the word about SLF, we have also catalogued the events on our national database of CPD, CPDFind. Try a search for Ewan at http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/cpdscotland/cpdfind/search.asp and you will see what I mean. Oh and there are over a thousand others! Looking forward to when blogs like this one will also be found on CPDFind!

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