May 27, 2008

Gordon Brown: Creative innovators are Britain's future

Last week I attended (and unexpectedly got pulled into a panel with 1000 in the audience) the NESTA Innovation Edge conference, bringing 3000 of the UK's (apparently) most creative types under one roof. It was going for scale, rather than conversations, but was an interesting experiment in itself, since I ran into quite a few fellow Scots, none of us aware of the other's presence, all of us striving to put the country on the creative map.

Of great interest and surprise (the night before, in fact) was the news that Westminster PM, Gordon Brown, would address us on innovation and creativity. I think it was a welcome break from the credit crunch, taxation woes, and backbench rebellions, but there were words that should perk up those who work in the innovation sectors and who, for so long, have been sidelined as an 'expense' rather than an investment (thankfully, I don't think I'm seen as that by my employers):

"We will remove all and any barriers to innovation, be it in technology, science or for those in the creative industries. The creative industries, the innovators, are the key to our economy's success.

The most important thing you have is you. Your ability to lead into the future with new ideas, new services, new goods. I'm looking forward to Britain leading the world in an innovative future."

Hurrah to that! Now, work out a way to pay for it effectively. You can watch the full video, and others, on the Nesta conference site.


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Now, we just need to get creativuty into the currucullum

Good to learn Gordon approves of creativity and innovation.

Maybe he will find additional support for EEC's call to make 2009 the year of creativity and innovation

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