May 13, 2008

It's a long way to the Tipperary Institute...

Mobile_and_moleskin It had to be done. Now it has been. No more poor jokes about my trip next week to Thurles and the Tipperary Institute's Internet Experience in Education Conference. The inimitable Bernie Goldbach (I'm sure he used to be a spy, you know) invited me over to keynote to about 200-odd of Irish education's technologically empassioned. I'll attempt to show why schools need to start shaking things up from the grassroots, and let participation culture leak into their learning spaces, in my talk: Unleashing the tribe.

Certainly, that's the impression you get from the young people you meet at the Tipperary Institute. I've only met a few, at Reboot last year. I was impressed, bowled over by their confidence and understanding of how the new web could make things so much better, and by the fact that their 'projects' were actually legitimate web startups.

If you're a teacher, lecturer, education person or work in and around Thurles, then get yourself down to the conference next week. It's going to be a real eye-opener in how Ireland might start spending its €282 €252 million on making technology work for learning. Mobiles and moleskines to the ready!


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I think you mean "moleskine"...unless your notebooks are particularly cruel to animals.


it is only €252million. I don't think the Dept of Education put the money in a 10% deposit account for the year since they announced it.

Interesting post. Some of Ireland's finest are participating this week in Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) this week in Atlanta. The projects are quite innovative, and are a testimonial to the push for technology in the classroom.

Hi Ewan
Unfortunately can't make it to Tipp next week. FETAC commitments :-(
But, I'm still going strong off your ECDL conference talk in Dublin last year :-)

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