May 05, 2008

Living your life as a voiceover

This made me laugh, but it also made me think how much fun one could have with a bunch of kids exploring cliché, film-making, differences in advertising 10 years ago (television and radio's subtlety) and today (personalised, conversational web marketing), the general media world around them. Anyone up for an attempt at a video response with their language class? Thanks to Johnnie for the tip of the hat.


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That's was great, wouldn't it be neat to have a similar project creating voice overs for an answering machine. Imagine the more successful students could apply it to a fund raising activity. I'm sure some would pay top dollar for the privilege.

Ewan - touching a cord there for me - I just took a voiceover workshop and spent the weekend listening to and performing as voice over aspirants - it was a surreal experience especially as one guy had the most "fake" baritone voice possible - and it was his real voice!I took the course ostensibly to help my work on television and in front of students - I came away with a mix of dubious respect and fascination for the industry...neatly reflected in this video.
check out the vid above - tongue in cheek presentation of the top 5 voice-over talents in movie trailers -

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