May 28, 2008

Never want to miss a TeachMeet near you?

Alarm Susan describes her frustration at missing multiple TeachMeets in her home, in her place of work and in her home country. She wonders: "Is there one place where I can sign up for future 'local' London TeachMeets?'

The answer: yes. Head onto the TeachMeet wiki, click the link on the homepage for the mailing list (or head straight to the Google Group) and put in your email address. You won't get spammed, and every time there's a TeachMeet, you'll be amongst the first to know. It'll also give people a chance to discuss with each other before, during and after events, if they're not already blogging or podcasting about it.

Pic: Alarm


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Thank you! I have signed up, and now hope that I can finally make one ... after posting on your blog earlier, I then discovered that a colleague on one of my courses was there last week ... I look forward to catching up with him at the next course to find out more about it!

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