May 07, 2008

Visualise your news

News_visualisation MSNBC have created a really nice way to view your news, cherrypicking if you're not sure what's going to grab your attention, or to have running in the background while you work. It's really US-centric, which is a downside for me, but if they added a few UK or European RSS modules, or even the ability to customise, I'd be a regular user.


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Great link - thanks!

It makes for a pretty snapshot, but as a web application, it really sucks. It does not remember your channels, the stories you aggregated, and the "human interaction" claim is a sad joke

Yeah, but it's different colours, and it spins.... (I bet that's what the developers told the CIO). I didn't get as far as a second visit because of the US centricness, but this makes it pretty pointless. Let's hope they read blogs and their comments. A few tweaks and it could be sweet.

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