June 16, 2008

Islay's Sky High Ambition

At the end of last week I joined Ian and Andy to see what they and colleagues were getting up to at Islay High School, where every student has been given a UMPC, and where the leadership and learning at the school has changed full circle over the past five years. I was truly blown away by what I saw and heard from teachers and the young people there.

Take a look at my report on Connected Live to see what can be done when the ambition and 'can do' attitude spreads throughout a school community.

And don't forget to see where all this is happening, and the amazing countryside you spy as you make the 15-minute plane trip from Glasgow.


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What an inspirational school and post! I'm so glad that I've read it. I'm moving to a new school in September where we're buying UMPC's for two classes in years 5 and six. It's great - and somewhat reasuring - to see a school using this technology to such great effect. This has spurred me on and convinced me that we're doing the right thing, so thank you.

I noticed from the pictures that the students used what looked like the Samsung Q1, we've had it suggested to us that the VYE UMPC's are a better way of going as the touch screens supposedly stand up to the children a little better.

Any parctical tips / thoughts / advice on undertaking such a change?


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