June 08, 2008

Join Athole's world tour via social media

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The pace of photograph uploads is restricted by the access Athole McLauchlan has on his world tour, but this primary school teacher from the north of Glasgow has created a fascinating account of the world today which is set to continue for many more months on his Flickr account.

Athole has been on of Scottish Screen's leading practitioners on moving image education, and his students have long been producing great films and TV shows as part of their work. However, I didn't realise that Athole was a talented sketcher, and his set of quirky sketches illustrate the punctuation points of his journey so far, from leaving the comfortable confines of London through the never-ending expanse of Russia and the former USSR states, into Mongolia and China and on through, now, to Laos. You can see amazing faces as well as signs of modern communications making it into even the most remote of locations.

It's great to see Athole and his partner Katherine on this trip. Great for me, in particular. I met Magain Athole in March after eleven years of doing our own thing. We had spent endless late nights (or early mornings, depending on your take) working on Edinburgh's Student newspaper. I was the Design Editor at the time he and his co-editor decided to go tabloid. We had great fun. But better still is seeing Katherine in these photos. Because Athole's partner was, in fact, one of the first friends I made in the French class at Edinburgh University.

Had it not been for both Facebook and Flickr I'd have missed out on what they were both up to and, I hope, picking up again with them on their return. Social media - the clue's in the title ;-)


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Thanks Ewan, that was a really nice mention. We have a blog too, http://furry-boots.blogspot.com/
Athole and Kathy x

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