June 18, 2008

New Ken Robinson talk @ the RSA

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One of the benefits of having been nominated a fellow of the RSA is that you get tips of the hat to upcoming talks at the beautiful Adam Street House. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to hear Sir Ken Robinson's talk as he picked up his RSA Benjamin Franklin Medal. Thankfully, the Lectures Team recorded his every word and have published the MP3 for this afternoon's commute to London.

I'll let you know as soon as the video is published on the new RSA Vision site.

Update 1: You can see some young NUMU reporters finding out what is so great about being Sir Ken.


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Good call, Ewan. Thanks

Love his sense of humour...
Half way through this in a free period this morning - excellent section on Las Vegas as a city that shouldn't exist... something we refer to in Edexcel A level...
Thanks for the tip off Ewan

Thank you so much for posting the info and link! Best wishes!

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