June 10, 2008

Watch out, or you'll be TwitterSnoozed

Ever get fed up of some of those you follow on Twitter going on with their mindless rants on delayed journeys or cups of coffee? Well, you can put them (temporarily) to sleep now with TwitterSnooze. Melikey.

If it all gets to much then you might consider changing status update network altogether, and trying out the frightfully funky Plurk, web-based only as far as I can see but designed for a younger gamer audience than Twitter is attracting. That must be why I like it ;-)



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Just you keep twittering, my child, to keep your elders informed ...

Hi Ewan (and others),

I'm looking for help (bleg, bleg). Becta has asked us to research innovation in education for their Harnessing Technology Strategy. You can see what we're up to at http://newsfan.typepad.co.uk/kableht/. Desperately seeking feedback on what we've done so far and what we should do going forward. Thanks to those who pop by.

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