July 15, 2008

An alternative view of filmmaking

I'm borrowing electricity and wifi at the back of a Marco Torres and Alasmedia film-making spectacular, delving into filmmaking of another kind.

I found the Steampunk movie below, from Alice, as beautiful and enchanting as many of the 'real' movies I've seen recently. It would make great creative fodder for some creative writing of the kind I was talking about yesterday, taking your mind away to another universe for 4:30.


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It's a beautiful movie and it showcases what can be achieved, but, as I commented on Vicki's post, I wanted it to be about something. It seemed to be about itself. The town looked deserted - there were only two people in evidence and nothing happened. I felt as if we should be getting a flavour of the place through its people and what goes on there, which the ghost town view doesn't achieve. This reminds me of the navel gazing tendency of social media. We look at the media themselves, rather than what they can empower us to do.

An interesting comment about navel gazing. I think I am at that point right now as are many of us. As an educator, I am excited about introducing web 2.0 into my practice. However, I fear that we get so excited about the media (blogs, podcasts, social networking) but we just play around with it, and then move onto the next application. Rather, I think it is important that our students master one or two applications and then use them with a purpose. Empowering our students is the ultimate goal and what web 2.0 can offer is fantastic.

I would love feedback, comments or advice on my new blog


What is there is an experiment with the software. Any other blogs out there that can show me the possibilities and where to go from here?

@sandman25 Your own imagination is your only limit. There is genuinely so much that you could do and try.

I would say start with blogs like Vicki Davis's. Not only her blog, but all the other spaces where she hangs out. If you subscribe to her blog via an aggregator, not only will you pick up on her posts, but you'll see a list of things that she has tagged each day. There are many teachers hangins out here, and some a re dead keen to collaborate between classrooms on a shared project, which could be utterly cool.

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