July 31, 2008

Inspiration Session No. 4: The Best Stats You've Ever Seen

Ewan Inspiration Session #4 is the must-attend lunchtime session this year, showing, six weeks before the Scottish Learning Festival, how you can present anything in the most fascinating, entertaining and informative way when you know how. Since it's the summer hols for most teachers in Scotland, you're invited to join us with your laptop computer and creativity to see what ideas you can learn and share.

If you are presenting at SLF2008 or have to explain concepts to colleagues, teachers or outside partners, this workshop is for you. Inspiration Session 4 "The Best Stats You've Ever Seen (or how to present) takes place on August 11th, midday until 2pm, in the classroom in LTS's Glasgow office, with breakouts happening all afternoon. Please get your confirmation in early to aid planning.

All those wishing attend should confirm by email to me asap. We will begin by viewing a superb presentation on, potentially, the most boring of subjects: global statistics. We'll take a look at how and why that presentation and others are so good, before working on a presentation you are doing some time soon, or have done in the past.

You will not just learn how to exploit presentation packages, but how to present well without them at all, using the web and digital images, making and capturing short video. Please think about bringing along your favourite presentation laptop (Mac or PC laptop), and a presentation in PowerPoint, Keynote or other package (make a copy so you keep the original).

Full write-ups of the previous Inspiration Sessions will also begin to appear over the next few weeks on Connected Live.
Pic: Ewan as a borg at Reboot from Steph Booth


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The timing of these just reminds me of Teachmeet. I seem to be missing them all!

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