August 21, 2008

4iP taking shape: Tom Loosemore heads us up

Tom_loosemore In exactly one week I start laying the ground for 4iP's work in Scotland and Northern Ireland and, today, Tom Loosemore has been publicly announced as the Head of 4iP's £50m pound strategy.

It's an absolute pleasure to know that Tom will be leading our merry band and the relationship I have with him is pretty typical of this 'new' world: through his digital footprint I know him really well (I feel) despite having only met him once, when I shared the stage last year at the RSA's debate on young people and the internet. There, I managed to "appall" one of the dear old chaps in attendance with the revelation that young people spend more time on the net than watching television. Not a bad start really, considering that we're going to be making the most of those 200+ minutes each day with our transmedia, cross-platform, tuna fish satellite dish*, it's-not-about-the-telly commissions.

Tom's development of the BBC's 15 web principles also informed quite a lot of the work that took place in my outgoing place of work and, I know, in countless public service organisations across the world.

More on Tom and my appointments over on a gushing Broadcast story:

Before joining Ofcom, Loosemore steered the BBC's digital strategy as head of broadband and helped to shape the BBC's strategic vision, Building Public Value. He has also launched local information website and democracy-themed websites and

At C4, Loosemore will report to director of new media and technology Jon Gisby, who described his digital PSB record as "unparalleled".

"He's the latest addition to an expanding and talented new media team who have recognised the unique opportunities for C4 in the digital age," Gisby said.

That's us, that is ;-)
Pic: James Cridland


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Stonking. I wondered what he was up to, post-Ofcom.

That's two very clever appointments for 4ip. Looking good.

Hmm. That was odd. Signed in via Typekey, and I still had to enter three CAPTHCAs. No kidding.

Give up the tech. It's clearly broken. Radio is the future.

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