August 22, 2008

An alternative to GTD: Lego brick self-assessment

Having reached the underwhelming nirvana of having nothing on my GTD list for the first time in three years, I'm considering a change of tack after reading about this on Info Aesthetics:

an alternative way to represent time schedule tracking by stacking different lengths of Lego blocks as a way to convey different sequential time periods. stacking hourly rows on top of each other builds up the whole day, while color represents the different projects at hand. a whole week of time tracking is created by setting up a series of rainbow-colored days. [original link]

It could be quite a nice way for kids to keep a non-verbal record of what they've done that day. It could be better than text, even, since they have to have some degree of understanding of how all the blocks of activity actually fit together in the abstract, having had the opportunity to build what they did in the concrete (or, rather, in the plastic). I wonder if it'll make it onto the newly revamped Assessment for Learning Toolkit...


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I like this new take on the visual timetable idea! Can think of a couple of kids I teach who would find it helpful. will have to suggest it!!
Lisa xx

Now my boys are 14 and 16, I can recycle these million lego bricks after all; great post, great photo, too!!

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