August 23, 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about YouTube

The video-sharing website has been perhaps the easiest one in the new media family for institutions and workplaces to ban, filter and decry. This superb hour from Michael Wesch explains, from beginning to end, the anthropology of YouTube, and will perhaps begin to show to those who make the decisions how much more there is to sharing the moving image than they could ever imagine. Watch it on YouTube, and pump it up to the high quality version. Watch it to the end, and share it with someone in your institution. And yes, I did learn how to Soulja Boy after watching it.


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Thanks for sharing this Ewan. Think I'll take up anthropology now!

It's difficult to know whether vote attendance maps directly to overall effectiveness as an MP.

The House of Commons has over 600MPs and when the government has a large majority there is normally never any danger of a vote going the 'wrong' way for them. Also there are schemes where the government and opposition pair an MP on each side to cancel out their votes thus negating the need for either to attend. It could just be that only those MPs with nothing better to do with their time attend routine votes. As an aside this may be a indicator that 600 MPs is too much...

It could even be argued that having MPs out in the real world is better than them being in the Westminster village (providing there are no corruption issues). Have you got any research that ranks legislator effectiveness in ways other than attendance?


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