August 22, 2008

Playing about with podcasting

Maybe one of the last of these podcasting workshops I ever do. Not that they're bad, but I think I'll have some other things on my to-do list. Here are Colin, Tara and the unknown Canadian telling me where to go out in Calgary this weekend. You'd be welcome to join me...

Download Emerge 08 The Big Night Out Podcast


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Thanks for the great 3 sessions the past couple of days Ewan. Podcasting is so easy and its definately something I will try in my grade 9 class this fall.

Thank you so much, Ewan, for making me immortal on the web by way of podcasting about Calgary. Had I known, I would have said something more intelligent that "beer goes with everything". I sincerely hope you make it to Edmonton sometime, perhaps for the October conference. I will promise you a beer & ice cream! You were well-loved by all.

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