September 02, 2008

TeachMeet08 at the Scottish Learning Festival

TeachMeet08 SLF2008
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Things have started to move on the TeachMeet08 site, and you're invited to add your name to the list of attendees for an evening of sharing some of the coolest and most exciting ideas for learning from this past year on September 24th.

I'm not able to take quite as much of a role this year in shaping the sponsorship, although I've put some feelers out for a potential venue. LTS have offered some degree of support already in that respect if one of our current short leat of potential places can't work out.

However, if you can help in any way  - beer money, £x towards any costs or a particular expense in particular, cool stuff - then please add your name, organisation and contribution to the wiki.

There are lots of reasons for getting involved in this kind of way, none more appealing than the fact the event has, for the last three years, taken on "must attend" status amongst many of the most innovative teachers in the country, particularly those making use of new media and gaming in the classroom. The potential for some blog link love and good word of mouth about your stuff is great. Here's hoping you can help!


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It's very good of you to take the time to give this a plug Ewan, given that you're in the middle of fresher's week as it were :-)

Teachmeet is always excellent - can't wait!

oops - apostrophe in the wrong place in that last one!

All these apostrophes! But I'm finding the updating problematic - help!

Good to see things getting underway.

There seems to few tags floating about slf2008, teachmeet08 the twitter TeachMeetAtSLF is it worth combining: teachmeet08SLF to distinguish from other 08 teachmeets?

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