November 24, 2008 - 7th most reach in the UK online scene

For the first time NowPublic have done their metrics testing of who, in the UK, has the most reach in terms of broadband broadcasting, and I'm delighted to be pitched at No. 7 amongst some stellar company.

“The goal of NowPublic’s MostPublic Index is to measure—on a completely transparent, metric-driven basis—who has the greatest digital reach and is most effectively broadcasting their own personal brand online,” said Leonard Brody, CEO of NowPublic.

Worthy of note is that I'm three places ahead of big bro, Neil (well, you've got to have some brotherly competition, no?) and a bevvy of Guardian blogerati, and just ahead of comic legend Stephen Fry and BBC political blogger Nick Robinson. Also blushing to be ahead of the guy who really pushed me into working on my tod, Euan Semple.

There are some other great blogs and sites to try out there, and vary your reading list a bit. I bet that's what people are saying about my blog (who/how/why the hell..?)

Pic; Red boxes


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well done my friend ;-)

Indeed, yay!

Although they count official BBC blogs (The BBC Internet Blog, f.e) as individuals? *Duh*.

Also where are the ladies? Only one? Methinks they're not counting right.

I think this is cool. But then I would, wouldn't I?

Wow - that's awesome, and testament to your tenacity and consistent interstingness, sir - well won!

Congrats on the listing. And to think I remember you when you were knee high to a desk top.

Actually, I love the idea of NowPublic as it's a great place to get out news stories that wouldn't be heard otherwise.

This is really awesome and congrats - you deserve it and keep it up.

Hi, I´m not very firm in knowlegde about the blogscene in the UK, but I think you deserve a congratulation from Germany, too! Nice blog, read through it a bit and I think I will return for some lines to eat.. Cheers!

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