November 23, 2008

The fascists' names are leaked... crowdsourcing finds its place

BNP Heatmap Earlier this week the UK's very own "Nationalist Party", the BNP, had the misfortune to leak its member list, showing the names and addresses of racists, fascists and those who "don't want that kind of person taking our jobs". It's been citizen-created mashups of this data that have made the news.

To republish the list would be illegal, so newspapers such as the Guardian printed the numerical stats on line-art maps. Far from breaking the law, it was crowdsourcing that came up with a better solution, both allowing us to see how many BNP-ers are on our doorstep without revealing their names and exact locations. Cue the anonymous, but powerful, BNP member Google Heatmap, which has since allowed our Government ministers to realise the pockets where local politics lets people down.

These are some of the subversive uses of technology that keep an eye on money and power that we are keen to support further through 4iP. We've got a few on the boil, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Thanks to Stuart on the 38minutes blog for highlighting it.


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I'm very conflicted on this one. While I certainly don't want some rabid xenophobe turning up next time I (with my flat, foreign vowels) call the cops, I also wonder if this isn't a little like McCarthyism flipped on its head.

This stuff is most definately something you would not want people to know about. I would love to see the names - probably a bunch of Vegans.

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