December 17, 2008

TeachMeet09 at BETT - Free-dom!

When I helped start the educators' unconference, TeachMeet, back in 2005 it was to copy the mantra of my old school magazine (for pupils, by pupils) for a group of people who had often felt disenfranchised by the technocratic, bureaucratic jargon of Central Office HQ: it's for teachers, by teachers. Thus, it would be free (as in beer) and free (as in speech).

I was concerned when I saw earlier this week that the company behind BETT, the big January trade show in London, were charging nearly £14 a head for those who happened to find out about TeachMeet09 through their site, especially since the wiki, where all the discussion, sponsorship and action happens, is easy to use and, importantly, free.

Well, a quick email to the trade exhibition organisers this morning with the highest levels of diplomacy in evidence ("I'm sure this is merely an administrative error, but really...") has led to the removal of the charge and a refund to all those who have paid it already. It would be nice to hear from some of those folk here to be reassured that this has indeed happened.

With new commitments I'll not be able to join in the love, larks and music of January's "learning experience" but wish all those helping to bring the event together the very best. Enjoy creating some further, much-needed change in the way our kids learn.


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Pity you are not going to be there Ewan

Good on you Ewan. Education is not for sale.

Well done on shaking the tree.... it seems to be something of a natural talent of yours... :-)

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