December 13, 2008

X Factor's Alexandra Burke not sorted online... yet

In about five minutes the PR machine is likely to kick in as Alexandra Burke wins the X Factor. But it's amazing to see how little her online profile has been managed over the past twelve weeks of finals live every Saturday night on the telly box.

Her Facebook profile is currently her real one, with some 25 friends, one of whom is fellow contestant Laura White. It's a far cry from the huge number of fan sites that appear when one searches boy band competition JLS's Marvin. It's also far from what things will be like later this week once the security, PR and superstar status apparatus kicks in.

In other news, I'm delighted Alex has won, netting me loads of dosh (virtual dosh, that is) on, a wee Edinburgh-based site making waves across the entertainment and news worlds at the moment. On the other hand, condolences to JLS, whose member Marvin is close to the hearts (and stomachs) of us at Channel 4 - his dad is the catering manager.

So what's the conclusion of all this? Well, social media can't trump pure talent, and tools and platforms don't make up for creativity and genius.

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Pic of Alexandra Burke


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Social Media indeed had a great effect when it comes to popularity and what else we can expect of the current technology we have today.

Even a 2 year old kid already now what is a Facebook, Myspace, things that make our life much more easier. Even working at home with some internet business or by simply making an online diary.

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