January 20, 2009

Change has come... online, too

Change has come Through Techcrunch, Arrington geeking out on websites while the rest of us were watching and twittering the inauguration of new President Obama, we discover that the White House website changed drastically, too. The home page's main feature is a blog, with feeds galore, a weekly video update and photo slideshows. In the same way that technology helped win the election for Obama, we can only hope that it will enable greater democracy during his next four years as President.


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Not as good as it seems behind the scenes:
Staff Finds White House in the Technological Dark Ages

I think that it is good that the people in the White House are also attempting to advance with technology with everything else that they have to do. This will possibly allow everyone to stay in tune with what is going on in the white house and even maybe help citizens understand more that does go on.

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