January 13, 2009

Choice cuts from C4: learning about food

Pork Cuts Colleagues at C4 have surpassed themselves with The Channel 4 Pig application, a beautifully executed (fnar) flash app helping people in these credit crunch times to exploit all the best and cheapest bits of the beast with some fine recipes from Britain's top chefs. It all supports the forthcoming food season on the Channel and has been managed by my rather wonderfully suitably-named colleague, 4Food Editor, Jane Honey.

When I was at school, learning about food was such an 'un-fun' thing where we produced crap food with crap ingredients cooked crapply. I find this entertaining and, while not designed for schools, there's nothing expensive and lots of deliciousness about making the Ham Hock, Split Pea and Mint Stew. The kids might not want to be stretched with the faggots, though I'm guessing it's the first recipe they'll navigate towards as they work out how to use a pig head constructively and not on the Head Master's desk on the last day of term.

Not so much a wonderful new service that's gone live as a pig that's gone rather dead...


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about 8 years ago, the NCTE ran a School Intergration Project which was to place information and communications technology (ICT) at the heart of the educational experience in Irish schools. One school in Clonakilty bought a few pigs as part of their project. Clonakilty is famous for black pudding BTW. http://www.sip.ie/Projects/HumanitiesLanguages/Projects/FurtherInformation,2126,en.html is all I can find of it. Each school produced a website but I think it is off line now.

Ewan, Conor galvin would have more on it if you want to pork (sorry poke) some more

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