February 22, 2009

Sonny Magaña live, after BLC08

One of the things I really do miss about traveling around the world and staying over in kind strangers' houses is the craic that you can have as you talk about the off-conference off-consultancy stuff: music, books, films...

Last summer in Boston, having presented the keynote at Building Learning Communities 08 (this year it's Mssrs Heppell, Weinberger and Benjamin Zander of TED fame), the conference host Alan November had my whole family around at his lovely house in Marblehead, MA, for a weekend of food, drink, fishing and music, along with the Davitts, Torres and Promethean's very own Sonny Magaña. A man of hidden talents, Sonny woo-ed us all with his tunes and charm. Take a peek at the above composition, in HD on YouTube. One memorable moment amongst many.


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