March 17, 2009

Who's blocked where? Two minutes research engine

I'd hate to bore the fine readers in this establishment with yet more astonishment at the incompetence and laziness of some public sector institutions in their web filtering policies, but on the back of a comment from Peter in my last tirade, I'm encouraging as many of my British public sector chums to take part in Steph's Filtering Test Suite. It takes about 2 minutes to do and will help contribute to an overall picture of where we're at in the UK with filtering in our public institutions.

Arguably, if Steph were up for it, we could take that information regardless of where people were coming from and parse it into a beautiful open format for the likes of, well, me, to pop into glorious shaming technicolour on a Google Map. Anyone up for doing some heavy-lifting?


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Had to laugh when I tried this in school—the survey site is blocked, of course!

(That's Argyll and Bute for you...)

Well done Ewan - but can't you just say schools and places of learning.

I know many employers have rigid policies in private sector - where they are concerned about learning happening in workplace ;-)

be interesting to compare LA corporate and LA edu too.
In my limited experience corporate can be even tighter than edu.

I hope the results are updated soon and possibly published regularly.

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